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Gulf medical university, the most prestigious university of UAE, invited our school, Pakistani school Ajman for the first time to their contest of posters, projects and paintings based on science topics. The students of PSA worked on these categories in pairs. It was a competition held for two days. More than forty two schools were invited from Grade IX to XII. Each grade was given a specific topic according to which they had to make their posters, projects or paintings. Every school was allotted a specific corner where they had to showcase their work and they had to explain their topic to the curious visitors. On the second day, the judges had to come so the students had to be extra prepared and careful. The judges came and the students of PSA confidently and explained their topic to them and brilliantly answered their questions as they wanted to judge and they had to decide who is worth winning the contest. After the judgment, all students were gathered outside the university and a stage was set up for prize distribution. The students of PSA proved that they are eminent artists, independent originators and polished and dynamic speakers. Grade XI students from PSA won first prize in poster’s category. It was really an honorable and proud moment for our school to win as our school was invited to this contest for the very first time.