Admissions Open 2019-20

Admissions are open for the session 2019-20. Parents are welcome to visit the school from Sun- Thursday from 8 A.M to 2 P.M and register for entrance test/ interview. Admissions will be given based on the performance in test and interview.

Entrance Test

Our entrance tests are carried out by our trained education team. The tests are based on the subject knowledge of English, Mathematics & Urdu. As an international school, we do not discriminate based on ethnicity, gender or any other quantifying personal characteristic. Doing well in the entrance test does not guarantee a placement in the school. Places are offered based on entrance test performance, former school reports and availability of places.

The following documents are required at the time of admission:

Please attach neat photocopies (A4 size) and arrange the following documents accordingly.

  1. Student’s Health form given by the school. (FS-1, FS-2 & class 1 only)
  2. Student’s photos (3 nos)
  3. Birth Certificate attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs (front and back)
  4. Vaccination Card / School Medical File.  (FS-1, FS-2 & class 1 only)
  5. Student’s passport copy with valid visa page.
  6. Student’s Emirates ID Card.
  7. Result Card / progress report of previous class must be attached.
  8. Attested School Leaving Certificate (for students coming from Pakistan)

Attestation is required from the following departments from Pakistan:

  1. District Education Officer
  2. IBCC other than Pakistani board (Board classes)
  3. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Pakistan)
  4. UAE Embassy in Pakistan (Islamabad / Karachi)

From UAE

  1. Pakistani Consulate (Dubai)
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UAE)

Transfer Certificate Original (For students coming within UAE)

  1. Attested by Educational Zone of concerned Emirates
  2. Result Card / DMC / Provisional certificate for grade 9th, 10th and 11th.
  3. Migration Certificate for FBISE Islamabad (Original) for 9th, 10th and 11th grade.
  4. Father’s Passport Copy with valid visa page.
  5. Father’s Emirates ID.
  6. Guardianship Certificate.

Age Criteria

Class Levels Age at the time of admission according to MOE for different classes is as under
KG 1 Should be at least 4 to 4 yrs 11months and 29 days till July 31st of the current school year.
KG 2 Should be at least 5 to 5 yrs 11months and 29 days till July 31st of the current school year.
Grade 1 6 - 8 years
Grade 2 7 - 9 years
Grade 3 8 - 10 years
Grade 4 9 - 11 years
Grade 5 10 - 12 years
Grade 6 11 - 13 years
Grade 7 12 - 14 years
Grade 8 13 - 15 years
Grade 9 14 - 16 years
Grade 10 15 - 17 years
Grade 11 15 - 18 years
Grade 12 19 - 21years