Outstanding Board Results

Outstanding Board Results

SSC II Results

In line with our tradition to produce excellent results, our Grade 10 students performed exceptionally well and attained highest marks all over the U.A.E.

Our shining star, Gul Wish of Science stream, secured 99.1% (1090/1100) and stood 1ST in U.A.E. Wateen Zahra (98.9%), Aayat Kashif and Kinza Naeem (98.4%) of science stream also made us feel proud.

The Humanities students also proved themselves with 100% result. Muneeba Imran of Arts stream attainted 95.1% and stood 1st all over the U.A.E

A glimpse of our Grade 10 result
Outstanding Board Results
Stars of SSC – II
Science Group
Gul Wish 1090/1100 - 99.1% 1st Position
Wateen Zahra 1088/1100 - 98.9% 2nd Position
Aayat Kashif 1082/1100 - 98.4% 3rd Position
Kinza Naeem 1082/1100 - 98.4% 3rd Position
General Group
Muneeba Imran 1046/1100 - 95.1% 1st Position
Taliya Saddiq 1030/1100 - 93.6% 2nd Position
Jawad Ahmad 944/1100 - 85.8% 3rd Position

SSC I Results

Despite all the challenges faced, our grade 9 students have made us proud by attaining top position all over the U.A.E

In Science stream, Zerwa Gul with 98.8% stood 1st, Khadijah Zahid and Umama Mohsin with 98.3% stood 2nd.

In Humanities Group, Maryam M Usman with 83.1% stood 1st, Nimra Younas with 82.6% stood 2nd and Mahra A Jalil with 80.4% stood 3rd.

A glimpse of our Grade 9 result
Outstanding Board Results
Stars of SSC – I
Science Group
Zerwa Gul 1090/1100 - 99.1% 1st Position
Khadijah Zahid 1088/1100 - 98.9% 2nd Position
Umama Mohsin 1082/1100 - 98.4% 3rd Position
General Group
Maryam M Usman 1046/1100 - 95.1% 1st Position
Nimra Younis 1030/1100 - 93.6% 2nd Position
Mahra A Jalil 944/1100 - 85.8% 3rd Position


With the aim to surpass the previous records set by our studetns, our High school students stood out with their excellent results in the board exams.

Kiran Iftikhar of Science stream got 92.7% and Tayyaba M Ilyas of Commerce stream got 89.8% and secured 1st position.

A glimpse of our Grade 12 result
Outstanding Board Results
Stars of HSSC – II
Science Group
Kiran Iftikhar 1020/1100 - 92.7% 1st Position
Tayyaba Sahibdad 990/1100 - 90% 2nd Position
Yumna M Shahid 953/1100 - 87.5% 3rd Position
General Group
Tayyaba M Ilyas 988/1100 - 89.8% 1st Position
Farhatullah 900/1100 - 81.8% 2nd Position
Jannat Naeem 898/1100 - 81.6% 3rd Position


With the aim to break all the records set by our students in the past, our High School students shine in the board exams and grabbed top positions all over the U.A.E.

In Science stream, Amna Ashfaq with 99% stood 1st, Rimsha Shahid with 98.2% stood 2nd and Umna Shaikh secured 3rd position (95.8%)

In Commerce stream, Fatima Yaseen, Manal M Ramzan and Muhammad Javed secured 456/550 (82.9%) and grabbed the top position.

A glimpse of our Grade 11 result
Outstanding Board Results
Stars of SSC – I
Science Group
Amna Ashfaq 515/520 - 99% 1st Position
Rimsha Shahid 496/505 - 98.2% 2nd Position
Umna Shaikh 484/505 - 95.8% 3rd Position
General Group
Fatima Yaseen 456/550 - 82.9% 1st Position
Manal M Ramzan 456/550 - 82.9% 1st Position
Muhammad Javed 456/550 - 82.9% 1st Position

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