Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy

This is Pakistani School Ajman’s data protection policy. The Partner Institution’s further responsibilities are detailed in the Privacy Policy.

1. Aims of this Policy

The Data Protection Policy sets out Pakistani School Ajman’s overall principles concerning the collection and use of personal data and the responsibilities of Pakistani School Ajman.

2. Data Control

Pakistani School Ajman is the Data Controller for personal information submitted by enquirers and learners in relation to the Pakistani School Ajman Platform (for the purposes of this policy the “Personal Data”). 

In some instances, Pakistani School Ajman will be a Data Processor and process some Personal Data. This includes when a learner enrolls in a Class that bears subjects, formal certification or other forms of recognition of prior learning.

3. Data Collection Principles

Pakistani School Ajman is required to observe good Personal Data handling practice by:

  • complying with applicable data protection legislation
  • collecting and using the Personal Data fairly and lawfully
  • transferring the Personal Data within their institution and to any authorized third-parties only on a need-to-know basis
  • ensuring that the Personal Data is up to date and accurate
  • establishing appropriate retention periods for the Personal Data
  • ensuring that learners’ rights as data subjects can be appropriately exercised and that contact details are available to learners wishing to exercise their rights
  • providing adequate security measures to protect the Personal Data
  • ensuring that all staff handling Personal Data receive adequate training and are made aware of good practice in data protection
  • complying with their own internal data protection policies and guidelines

4. Further Responsibilities

  • To provide an appropriate privacy statement which learners are required to read and accept before becoming an enrolled learner
  • To provide the mechanism by which personal data is transferred to the authorized third party department
  • To liaise with data protection contacts in Partner Institutions when necessary in order to address any issues promptly
  • To enter into agreements with learners which support the licenses granted to partner institutions by Pakistani School Ajman.