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Art Gala (Junior Section)

16 Nov 2016

The school organized Art Week for the students of each level. In this event the grades from 1 to 4 were involved. Grade 1 students showed their painting skills. They painted their hands and left an impression on the page. Similarly, Grade 2 students painted the different vegetables and fruits. The students were found enthusiastic enough to show their painting skills in a very creative manner. In addition to this the students of grade 3 were involved in egg painting. The students showed their creative art skills in a very beautiful and colorful way. On the other hand the main theme for the students of grade 4 was recycling. They made different beautiful wall hangings like wind chime, and other decoration pieces. All such activities help students' minds to grow productively. This also helps the students to take break from their routine studies and show their other art skills.

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