Mrs. Saleha Sultana

The Pakistani School Ajman has established itself as a well-respected institution for quality education and the excellent secondary and higher secondary results in board exams exactly match the statement. The quality management, multi-national teachers, a systematic hierarchy and modern methodologies are behind in achieving such glorious repute in the region. High caliber faculty is hired to create the learning-centered educational climate to meet the goals. The curriculum and the syllabus divisions are designed to meet student's individual needs and to achieve excellence. The students receive quality education under a systematic and professional hierarchy and framework which make them meet the challenges in the real world. Our school is embedded in theory, standards, exploration, wonder, tolerance, practice, reflection and action.

We believe that our skilled faculty members are able to device latest methodologies for the development of the learning skills among students so that their attitudes can be crafted to perfection. Our results show the similar stories because we mean business. To broaden the horizons of students, vast range of curricular and co-curricular activities, worksheets, weekly and monthly assessments and lectures are arranged by involving national and international academic trends in a risk free and secure atmosphere.

We extend our profound gratitude to the Ministry of Education Ajman and the rulers of the U.A.E for providing us golden opportunity to educate our coming generations in this region.

We are greatly thankful to our teachers and parents for their supportive and co-operative contribution towards the remarkable achievements of the school. We are taking all possible measures for the excellence in educational performance and fostering the talent of the students.



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